ECU Tune Stage1 hand-held module

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about the function

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Today’s engines are controlled electronically using software.  ECU Tune accesses this software via specially modules in order  to bring maximum performance when you want it and retain the comfort of a daily driver when you don’t need it.

The MWMods ECU Tune  is a user-friendly device, it stores both MWMods Stage1 file and your vehicles STOCK firmware file and allows an unlimited ability to switch between firmwares . The module plugs directly into the OBD2 port and delivers the Stage1 file to the ECU, programming usually takes 1-3 minutes. The power increase is achieved by adjusting such parameters of the engine control unit as air/fuel ratio, ignition timing , throttle mapping and  boost pressure  for turbo-charged vehicles.
MWMods ECU software is developed on the dyno and verified with multiple runs and logs.

Key benefits are :
1) Reliable increased performance, the priority is the engine resource.  MWMods ECU tune does not disable any of the existing protection systems of engine control unit and interfere with any factory-installed safety features
2) Convenience in use .  There is no need to remove an ECU and send it for adjustment, programming doesn’t require any special knowledge or tools .
3) No physical changes , software upgrade only.
4) Maintenance of stock vehicle = Maintenance of tuned Stage1 vehicle.

Compatibility :
Compatible with most Mercedes 2010-2023. Send us the VIN number to confirm compatibility.

Performance details and pricing :

Power increase and price depend on specific model .
Use home-page filter to find out the  Stage1 performance details and price for your specific model.
Firmwares are tested on all Wheel Drive dyno jet.

Before installing an ECU tune , make sure that the vehicle is serviced and technically sound.

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ECU Tune Stage1 hand-held module

900.00 $



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frequent questions and answers:

There is no need to keep the module plugged in all the time , you should remove the module after tuning . If you need to switch from Stage1 to stock, just plug the module in again and repeat the installation procedure.
No , ECU tune does not affect gear shifting. TCU (transmission control unit) is responsible for managing and controlling the operation of a vehicle's transmission.
The module stores both Stage1 and stock vehicles files and allows to switch between them. At the same time the module clears all changes of higher boost after every downloading the firmware , so the dealer won't be able to find out if the ECU was tuned or not during normal visits.

still having questions?

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Prepare the Car:

The car must be put into programming mode first

Make sure the car is warm and everything is stable

Make sure the car battery is fully charged

Turn off accessories and unplug any SD or USB devices

Don’t change any settings or press any buttons while programming

The car must be in IGNITION position 2 (all cluster leds are ON but the motor is OFF)

Be Patient in this process, wait a minimum of 60 seconds until the audio head has totally booted up.


Begin Installation:

– switch IGNITION ON (2 click clockwise) or 2 presses of Start/Stop button and make sure you see all cluster LEDS are ON

– wait till your audio head unit totally booted (60 seconds)

– plug module to the OBD2 (diagnostic socket) under the dash and observe audio screen messages

– select appropriate operation using << and >> audio buttons (or rotate controller knob) (choose Stage1(2) or Factory)

– confirm with * (star button) or controller knob down

– observe audio screen for messages, you will see the progress bar like [xxxxxx…..% ……….. ] – wait till progress bar goes to 100%

– as soon as you see “swicth IGNITION OFF” – then switch it off and wait for next message

– as soon as you see “swicth IGNITION ON” –  switch ignition ON again

– as soon as you see “remove the module now” – the installation is  finished then unplug the module.


Important: Do not leave the module on the OBD. Use the module only when you want to switch between Stage1 and factory maps.

To switch back to Stock map, repeat all steps of the installation process by selecting Stock map in the module menu.

Some vehicles require a factory map update. To do this, activate Step1: Update before activating Stage1(2). Then repeat the installation process for Stage1(2). The update should run before the first Stage1(2) installation. To return to the factory map, use Stage1(2) again.


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