MBUX Suspension Lowering Module | plug-and-play system

for Mercedes Airmatic suspension

about the function

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Send VIN number to be sure that the device will work on your Mercedes.

The lowering setting will be loaded via the ODB2 diagnostic port in the footwell of the car. You only need to insert the module into the OBD2 so that the new settings are automatically loaded into the ECU suspensions. . After changing and saving the settings, the suspension will adjust to the new height in 30 seconds. The factory setting will always be stored on the module and the user can set the suspension back to the factory setting. Once the settings are loaded, simply unplug and store for future use.

Key benefits are:
no need to go to the dealer, no wires, no soldering, no car disassembling
no need to connect the device to a laptop, smartphone, PC
restoring factory level in 30 seconds
our module stores current user settings so you do not need to keep it connected

Compatible with following Mercedes with Airmatic suspension:
AMG GT 4-doors FaceLift x290
CLS-class FaceLift c257
E-class FaceLift w213, c238
GLS-class x167
GLE-class w167
GLC-class FaceLift x253

The module has the following settings:
Factory: sets the suspension level to factory settings
Low: factory minus 32mm front and rear
Custom: user selects the height, 1 step is 1mm, min 70mm lower, max 40mm higher, front and rear separately.
For example, you can select minus 29mm front and minus 27mm rear.

The price includes activation for one car.

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MBUX Suspension Lowering Module | plug-and-play system

650.00 $

Item Weight: 3.52 ounces
Country of Origin: Poland
Manufacturer Part Number: 1
UPC: 782854810843


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frequent questions and answers:

You can lower the suspension up to 40mm and it’s safe for the ride and the suspension. If lower, it’s only for photos or short rides. We also recommend doing wheel alignment after lowering, if you ride below 35mm the tires will wear out faster without alignment.
The suspension will work as usual, but additionally lowered by the module. For example, as before, the suspension will become lower if you switch from Comfort to Sport+ mode (-15mm). If you lower the car by -30mm with the module, total lowering will be -45mm from factory Comfort mode. The same way "raise" button works.

still having questions?

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1) turn ignition ON (all leds on Instrument Cluster are ON)
TWO times press start button without a brake pedal for cars with keyless go
2) wait for the head unit to get fully loaded (about 20 seconds after you turn ignition ON)
3.1) to get LOW mode:
– plug the module into the OBD-2 port
– observe head unit display for color messages (blue means LOW, green means FACTORY)
3.2) to get EXTRA-LOW mode:
– fully press and hold gas pedal and at the same time not releasing the pedal plug the module into the OBD-2 port
– release the pedal 2 seconds after you plugged the module in
– observe head unit display for color messages (red means EXTRA-LOW, green means FACTORY)
4) plug the module out
5) start engine to let Airmatic system apply changes
6) get off the car and CLOSE all doors. Airmatic ECU will not change height while doors are opened
To return to factory height repeat the above steps and observe screen for green color


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